Beginner Yoga Lowry: What To Expect From Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Explained — What To Expect

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It’s 105 degrees with 60 percent humidity. Are you ready?

Hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like. It takes place in a hot studio on purpose. Our yoga community firmly believes that the high temperature and humidity level leave members with an unbeatable high after the class finishes.

Hot yoga, or Bikram hot yoga classes, follow the same series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. The great part of this is it is consistent from studio to studio. So if you’ve previously taken a hot yoga class at a different studio, you can jump right in and feel comfortable at Yoga Pod.

These postures and breathing exercises can be modified to work well for yogis of all skill levels. If this is your first yoga class or your 1,000th, you’ll find a way to feel rejuvenated during the class.

The 26 poses take you through a series of different movements, the same way every time. The goal is to work the entire body to generate blood flow to every fiber of your being. This restores all systems to function as nature intended. Ultimately, this specific series of poses warms up and stretches muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the order they should be stretched.

Now, these poses themselves would be extremely beneficial for the body no matter the setting. But then we add the hot temperatures to increase the sweat. Sweating prevents your body from overheating. It’s your body’s way of cooling down. As you sweat, your body will get rid of toxins. Less toxins in your body means a healthier immune system.

Another benefit to the hot temperature is that viruses and bacteria do not survive above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. So while we do not recommend you come to hot yoga if you are ill, it can help stave off the bacteria and viruses from taking over your systems from the beginning. Lastly, bring a towel. All of that sweat needs to go somewhere.

With all of this to expect, we recommend you use the bathroom before class begins. You’ll be drinking a lot of water and sweating a lot during class, so you don’t need your body to worry about another function too. Plus, we highly suggest people do not leave the studio once the class begins. Better to play it safe than sorry and use the restroom before class.

Yoga Pod is a new studio in Lowry. We are excited to offer our hot yoga class, called podHOT, to any and all members. Visit our studio today to try a free week on us. Check out our schedule.

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