What To Know For Beginner Yoga

What To Know As You Start Practicing Yoga

 In Beginner Yoga

You’ve stumbled upon our yoga studio and you’re curious to learn more. As a beginner yoga student, we encourage you to learn everything you can to lay the foundation for your practice. Yoga is something a lot of people feel deterred to do because of the misconceptions about it. For example, some believe that you can’t lose any weight with yoga or that you need to have a specific body type to be able to practice it. This isn’t true! Yogis come in all shapes and sizes. Male, female, young, and old, anyone who wants to practice yoga is more than invited to our classes. If you’re just beginning your journey in yoga, then contact Yoga Pod Lowry for more information on our beginner yoga classes.

Where Do I Start?

For any new journey, you’ll need to start somewhere and we’re here to guide you through these first initial steps. You’ll need to decide on a yoga studio that you want to try out. Yoga Pod Lowry is a great choice because our schedule is full of classes for every level of yogi. We have 11 fantastic classes that you can pick from. Of course, you’ll need to start with our yoga class that’s specifically geared toward beginners, which is podBASICS.

The podBASICS style is a fantastic class that will lay the foundation for your practice. We’ll go over the poses that you’ll become more familiar with in podFLOW 1 as well as move at a pace where you’ll feel comfortable. Our podBASICS will help you learn the difference in alignment as well as the foundational poses you’ll work on in podFLOW 1.

Once you decide on the studio, make sure that you sign up for a beginner yoga class, so you can be with other students who need to lay the groundwork for their practice.. After signing up for your first class, you’ll want to prepare.

What Should I Bring To My First Class?

Your first yoga class! Aren’t you excited? You might be feeling a little nervous for podBASICS, but don’t worry! Our teachers are patient and experienced, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in the class. To your first yoga class, you’ll want to bring a water bottle, a mat, and a towel. It’s important that you stay hydrated in the class because that will allow your body to move more fluidly and keep your head from getting light and dizzy.

If you are going more than a few hours without food, you’ll want to have a small snack for your energy. For instance, try eating an apple, banana, or some almonds to keep your energy up. When it comes to your mat, it’s vital that you choose the right kind. There are many different types of yoga mats, so make sure that you do your research before you settle on one. Lastly, you’ll want to arrive early to the class because you’ll want to have enough time to get settled in the room.

Yoga Poses Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Keep in mind that like people, yoga poses come in all shapes and sizes. You may not think some of the poses that we practice aren’t actually yoga, but they are. Corpse pose and easy pose are two very simplistic postures, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working your body. Corpse pose will help you get your heart rate down and easy pose will keep you grounded as you move through your sequence. A great pose that helps to stretch out your body is child’s pose as well. You’ll release your back, and stretch your arms to rid the tension from your shoulders.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Yogis

Lastly, and most importantly, move at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself to other people who are in the class or who you know that take yoga classes. Concentrate on yourself and your practice instead of looking at other people’s poses. Coming to a yoga class is your time to become at one with your practice, experience, and breath. Focus on you and your needs and listen to the teacher to make sure you’re moving in sequence with the poses.

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