Yoga Pod: The Importance Of Building A Community

Why Building A Yoga Community Is Important

 In Yoga Classes

Community is about union and connection. The actual definition of community according to Webster’s Dictionary is, “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” It can be created because of a work culture, a commonality such as having a baby, or an interest a group of people shares such as yoga. Community requires a little something of each person as well. For example, if you’re going to be a part of a community, then you’ll have some responsibility to create a positive energy around the other people. By bringing positivity and a desire to impact others via new connections, a community can grow and be a safe area for expression.

Building a yoga community is a beneficial step to bringing every yogi together to increase positivity and health. At Yoga Pod Lowry, we’re excited to create a community with every yogi who comes to visit us. The mission at Yoga Pod Lowry is to create a vibrant community. In our community, we want to encourage you to learn how to transform your body, open your heart, and elevate your mind.

Our vision is to reinvent fitness and create a sustainable practice with breath, strength, and sweat. We know a community takes work to build and cultivate, and we’d like to invite you to join us in elevating fitness and maintaining our values. For further information about Yoga Pod Lowry and our community, stop by our studio.

A Community Allows You To…

A yoga community is very important because it allows you, as a yogi, to feel more comfortable. It allows you to feel like you’re at home instead of just taking another yoga class. When you join Yoga Pod Lowry, you won’t just feel connected to your body, strength, mind, and breath. You’ll also feel connected to each person who comes to the class because they are moving through each pose with you. So what can a community allow you to do when you’re a part of Yoga Pod Lowry? Let’s find out!


A community helps you grow as not only a yogi, but also as a person. When you grow with a group of people, you’ll be inspired by everyone else who is moving forward. You’ll see how happy other people are in finding their growth and you’ll want to reach those goals as well. You’ll feel more motivated when you see your community pushing forward toward their goals. Consider going into the mountains and taking a hike. When you go hiking with a group of people, you might notice that you push yourself harder and feel more inspired by those who are moving faster than you are in comparison to what you’d do by yourself during a hike. That desire to grow with a group is inspiring and comforting because you’ll reach a goal together.


Another benefit of a community is the connection that you create. With a large group of people, you won’t jive with everyone, but you will learn from everyone. You’ll also feel connected to everyone because when you reach a pivotal moment in your practice, you know you’re not alone. When you’re struggling during a particularly difficult pose, you may catch the eye of someone else who is also struggling and you’ll share a smile of relief.

In addition, by connecting to different people, you might make a friend or two. Friends are a great way to push yourself toward staying on board with yoga, but it also makes you feel more comfortable because you’re surrounded by people who want you to succeed because they’ve watched you grow as a yogi. Furthermore, when you find someone in your yoga class to connect with, you can share information with them to make you both better.


Most people feel alone. Whether it’s because it’s difficult for them to connect with others or because they don’t have a good group of people to rely on, feeling alone is part of being human. However, when you join a community similar to Yoga Pod Lowry, you won’t be alone because you’re part of a wider community. Within that community, you’ll feel united. Yoga can unite people within a community who may have sustained an injury or it can unite people who are just starting out with yoga. For example, if you’ve recently been injured and you’re learning how to work your body again, then you’re definitely not alone because yoga is a great way to get back into exercising after an injury. Practicing yoga is something that doesn’t put too much pressure on your body or cause pain to it, unless you’re doing the poses wrong.


Motivation can be difficult when you work out by yourself. If you go to the gym by yourself, then you may get tired of it pretty quickly. As part of a yogi community, you’ll be missed if you skip a class. Having a community to rely on will also keep you motivated because you’re surrounded by people who want to get healthy and push themselves to a fitness goal. Motivation is very important when exercising because you’ll continue to go instead of fall off the wagon. In addition, during those particularly difficult days when you don’t want to go to the gym at all, you’ll be motivated to push forward because your community is waiting for you.

Communities can do a lot for a person. It can give you hope and inspiration to be the best person you can be. You can learn from the other people in the community and you can feel less alone as you go about your practice. If you’d like to join our studio, then we welcome you to any of our classes. We look forward to including you at Yoga Pod Lowry.

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