Yoga Pod Lowry: What To Expect In Your First Class

What To Expect During Your First Yoga Pod Class

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How To Prepare

Yoga Pod offers a variety of vibrant yoga classes for yogis of all levels. No matter which class you decide to attend, you can put in a bit of effort before class begins to set yourself up for success.

Hydrate. Water is essential for prime health and performance. Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day. If you’re attending a class early in the morning, drink at least one large cup of water as soon as you wake up.

Dress for success. Any form of athletic clothing will be a great start for yoga classes. Some classes, such as aerial yoga, may be easier to do with fewer pieces of loose clothing. Wear athletic tees or tanks and pants or shorts.

Bring water and a towel. Just like it’s important to hydrate before class, you want to drink water during class too. Bring along a water bottle. Also, a towel helps keep our studio clean from excess sweat dripping. It is required for podHOT.

Arrive early. Give yourself time to tour our new studio and settle in for class. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your very first Yoga Pod class. Otherwise, 5 minutes before class starts should be enough time.

Your Mat

We recommend each member brings their own mat. However, we have mats available for $2 rental. We’ll give you one free rental the first time. Plus, if you ride your bike to the studio, you can use a mat for free every time. We love nature and want to honor our members who do too. No need to lug a yoga mat on your bike, so you can use one of ours.

During Class

Studio and lockers: Our studio is full service. We have locker rooms that are packed with amenities and props. These are available on the house with every membership.

Shoes: Yoga is performed in socks or barefeet. We have shelves outside the studio for shoes.

Waiver: We ask each member or visitor to sign a waiver before the first class. This lets us take care of the nitty gritty legal details, since this is a physical class and injuries could happen. We want to make sure everyone knows the risks before anything bad happens.

Introductions: Meet the instructor and let them know if you have any injuries. This way our team can offer you modifications so you don’t hurt yourself further. In fact, this can help you target the problem areas to heal them.

Cell phone: No need for it during class. Remember, yoga is about taking a step back from reality and re-focusing. Keep it in the locker room unless you’re expecting an emergency phone call.

Finish the class: Plan to stay for the entire class. Each part of the class is valuable in a different way. This shouldn’t be an open-door type workout.

Tune in: Your body will tell you when you are pushing too hard and need to rest or modify. Listen to it. Do what you can and ask for modifications from our teachers if you need it.

Yoga Pod is excited to meet you and to be with you on your yoga journey. Visit our studio today to try a free week on us.

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