Yoga Classes: Learn To Accept Your Practice

How To Accept Your Practice

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Yoga is something that you will always continue to learn. No practice is perfect. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, yoga classes are here to make your practice better. If you’ve been taking yoga for years and you dislike the state of your practice, then our blog will cover how you can begin to accept your practice for what it is. If you follow different yoga social media platforms, then you’ve probably wondered a few times why your poses don’t look the same or you can’t get into that one elusive position when you’ve taken yoga for so long.

As humans, we’re expected to be competitive, which is why we’re going to go into ways you can begin to let go and accept your practice for what it is instead of what you think it should be.

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Ways You Can Learn To Accept Your Practice

Whether you’re new to yoga, you fluctuate between taking yoga classes, or you religiously attend a class, you have your very own practice. Your yoga practice becomes better with each class, but that doesn’t mean you should compare it to other people who you may know or yogis in the class. Your yoga practice is a part of you and it’s a combination of how you approach yoga, your level, and the mindset you have when you go into a class.

By learning ways you can accept your practice, you’ll notice that you feel less competitive and less stressed out walking into a class. Instead, you’ll be able to link your mind, body, and spirit together as you move through each pose without worrying about other people or how you look.

Eliminate The Need To Be Competitive

Competition is something people are attuned to. At work, parenthood, or even your social life, you’re going to feel competitive against your friends, family, and even your spouse. Competitiveness will help you push yourself to be better in life; however, in yoga, it can cause you to fall into a trap. While it’s good to push yourself and want to improve your form, you can go too far sometimes and miss the entire point of yoga. Yoga gives you an hour or more in your day to reconnect your body, mind, and spirit. It also gets you out of the mindset of the rat race and allows you to find comfort, peace, and tranquility.

Be More Mindful

When you go into a class, be mindful of what your practice may be. Instead of focusing on what you think you should do in the class, embrace how your body feels. If you can usually touch your toes, but your hamstrings feel tight, then just push yourself as far as your body will allow. You don’t want to hurt yourself or push yourself into a pose you can’t do because everyone else can. As you start in child’s pose or another beginning posture, think to yourself how your body feels and how you’d like your practice to go while keeping your mind conscious of what you’re doing in the class.

Ask Yourself Why Am I Here?

Why did you decide to come to yoga today? What do you want to accomplish in the class? Do you want to relax? Do you want to let go of your day? Do you want to learn a new pose or perfect that one pose that keeps eluding you? As you prepare your body and your mind on your mat, remind yourself of your intentions for the class and keep those at the forefront of your mind as you go through your practice.

Do these tips help you to become more comfortable as a yogi? If so, continue to read our blog to learn more.

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