Yoga Classes: The Advantages To Taking Hot Yoga

The Benefits Of Doing Regular Hot Yoga Classes

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In What Is Hot Yoga?, we went over what exactly a hot yoga class at Yoga Pod entails. When you come to Yoga Pod Lowry for a podHOT class, you’ll be in 105 degree temperatures with 60 percent humidity. This atmosphere will allow your body to open up more and for you to become more flexible to move deeper into your postures. While hot yoga classes can be difficult due to the heat, there are many benefits when you regularly take these classes. It’s vital that while you do take these classes that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and keep a towel with you to wipe those droplets of perspiration off. If you want to try something new and open up your body to detoxification, then try out a podHOT class at Yoga Pod Lowry.

Five Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga can be just that — sweltering. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying out this dynamic class. You may have heard about hot yoga classes being difficult or harmful to your body, but that’s far from the truth about what these classes can bring to your practice. Hot yoga classes will produce sweat that helps detox your body, especially your skin. It will help you work on your balance as well as your flexibility. If you’re tired of not being able to really get into the poses in traditional yoga classes, then trying a podHOT might be a beneficial decision. So what else does hot yoga help with? Let’s find out below!

Weight Loss

Losing weight can always be a benefit of exercise. Some people want to tone muscles, get rid of that little pooch around their tummy, or just have a body they can be proud of. While we don’t solely focus on losing weight during hot yoga, it is a benefit of taking this powerful class. Weight loss in a hot yoga class is possible because you’re sweating almost twice as much as you normally would.

While you won’t drop mass amounts of weight right away, you will notice a decline in your body weight. Keep in mind that while you are working very hard in hot yoga it’s not always about losing weight. You might be doing hot yoga every day and notice changes in your muscle tone, but there’s not a drop in your weight. People carry weight in different ways, so tune into how you feel post-class to make the assessment if this class style is working for you or not.


Like we mentioned above, hot yoga helps so much with detoxing your body. Sweating is so good for your body on the inside and the outside because it flushes your body. It will also unclog any pores, blemishes, or skin problems that you may be experiencing. While we encourage you to be very careful with the amount you sweat because it can lead to dehydration, perspiring is very beneficial for your body. If you are feeling sick with anxiety or you’re having liver problems, taking a hot yoga class can be just the activity that you need to rid your body of those toxins. Sweating heavily can be very helpful to clear up your skin as well as the rest of your body.

Bone Health

Did you know that hot yoga can help with bone health? Bone health is so important, especially for women. Due to holding postures longer than you normally would in a traditional yoga class, you’re building on the strength of your bones. Bone health can play a part in many different positives throughout your body such as structure, protecting your organs as we well as strengthening your muscles. It can also help with storing calcium in your body. By having stronger bones, breaking them becomes less likely.


One of the most beneficial parts of yoga is the deep breathing that’s paired with your movements. By instilling deep breathing into your practice, you’re able to relax your body and push through those difficult poses.. While you’re in a heated environment, your body will work harder to cool off – taking deeper exhales through your mouth helps facilitate cooling. Taking a hot yoga class can be similar to a cardiovascular workout because you’re working just as hard and your breathing is more focused. A hot atmosphere can help with breathing issues such as asthma as well.


Lastly, a regular hot yoga class will help with your routine and concentration. When you take a hot yoga class, the sequence is very similar, which allows you to get into a routine. Due to having a similar sequence in each class you go to, you won’t have to think as much and you can concentrate on the pose and how to balance your body. In addition, a routine will allow you to strengthen your muscles each time you go. Hot yoga is a class you can take as often as you want, so you get used to going often and your body will become accustomed to the movements.

Try a podHOT class today at Yoga Pod Lowry to see what all the fuss is about.

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