Yoga Classes: Physical Benefits

The Physical Benefits Of Regular Yoga

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Yoga is something a lot of people enjoy doing because it helps to clear their mind and focus on taking away any anxious feelings. At Yoga Pod, we believe that yoga is made up of three attributes: stress management, flexibility, and healthy living. Yoga has consistently been a physical activity that many people who want some time to feel rejuvenated have flocked to. If you feel stressed from work, parenthood, or a social life, yoga classes can help to combat those negative feelings. One attribute that many people don’t consider about yoga is the physical benefit. While the mental ones tend to be addressed first and foremost, the physical aspects are also very beneficial. If you’re new to yoga or you’re more advanced and love to check out a new yoga studio, then visit Yoga Pod in Lowry. We offer a free week when you sign up.

Five Physical Benefits Of Regular Yoga

Yoga comes in many different forms. At Yoga Pod, we have yoga classes that focus on cardio and weights such as podFIT as well as slowing down your movements with Yin. In addition, we’re excited to mention our Aerial Yoga class, which is one of the few in the area. You may think that yoga is just linking deep breathing to movement, but it actually has a few physical benefits you’ll experience when you regularly take a class.


According to the American Osteopathic Association, flexibility is a physical benefit that you can experience when you take yoga. Flexibility is important to improve because it will loosen those joints that hurt due to sitting at a desk all day. Yoga classes will loosen up your body and movements to the point where those who weren’t able to touch their toes previously will be able to skim the tops of your tootsies.

Builds Muscle Strength

Another physical benefit of yoga is building strength and toning your muscles. What’s great about yoga is that you have to hold different positions while you practice deep breathing. By holding these poses, you’ll find that your muscles are stronger and conditions that can set in as you age, such as arthritis and back pain, will be reduced because your muscles are strong and your body is flexible.

Improves Athletic Performance

Improving your athletic performance is something a lot of people will notice when they begin exercising. Whether you’ve taken a break from exercising or you are just getting into a healthier lifestyle, moving your body will increase your athletic performance. However, if you take the time to come to regular yoga classes, you’ll notice that you can hold the poses for longer and your breathing links up to the movements without you needing to focus too much. In addition, when you do other forms of physical activity, you’ll notice that you can do things you weren’t able to previously.

Protects You From Possible Injury

Naomi Watts once said that on the set of King Kong she was saved from getting an injury because she religiously practiced Pilates and yoga. Regular yoga classes will help to protect you from getting a possible injury because it increases your flexibility, as stated above, and it releases the tension in your limbs. While you’re probably not an actress and you’re not falling from great heights, if you slip and fall on ice or from another accident, you won’t have to worry about broken limbs, but maybe a large bruise.

Perfects Your Posture

Lastly, another physical benefit of yoga classes is how they perfect your posture. Your posture is important because if you have bad posture, you could damage your spine and put more stress on your neck as well as the muscles throughout your body. Posture is something a lot of people dismiss because it’s easy to slump forward, especially when you sit at a desk for eight hours a day. Yoga classes will stretch out those muscles and joints and help you flatten your body out instead of the curve that you’re so used to.

At Yoga Pod, we focus on classes that our members will enjoy. In addition, when you come to our yoga classes, you don’t have to worry about childcare because we offer a daycare for those moms and dads who want to embrace their practice no matter what time it may be. Enjoy a free week at Yoga Pod in Lowry!

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