Yoga Classes: The Advantages To Taking Hot Yoga

What Is Hot Yoga?

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Hot yoga. You’ve probably heard the term thrown around a few times before, but until you really started to enhance your practice at Yoga Pod Lowry, you haven’t been interested in taking a class. Hot yoga is something that every yogi should try, because it will help you to grow your flexibility, strength, and can even build your self-discipline. If you’re new to yoga or you are starting to feel more confident in your practice, then we encourage you to try this unique class, but remember that you should always stay hydrated and go at your own pace. Take the time to learn more about the Yoga Pod experience, to know if hot yoga is right for you.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Before we dive into our specific podHOT class at Yoga Pod, we’d like to give you a brief introduction on what exactly “hot yoga” is all about. Hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like. It’s yoga in a room that adds heat and humidity. You will perspire almost immediately stepping into the space when you take this class, but you’ll also feel an amazing detoxifying sweat rarely felt from any other form of exercise. While sweating to many can be unwelcomed, the heat will help you become more flexible and at the end of the class, you’ll be more relaxed and grounded.

About podHOT

At Yoga Pod, we make our hot yoga class our own. The podHOT format is taught in a sequence of poses that will help you move through the flow. The sequences are centered around a standing and a floor series as well as exercises that will focus on your breathing. The room is at 105 degrees with 60 percent humidity, so be ready to sweat when you come to this class. Due to the hot temperatures, you’ll work your body harder and you’ll feel stronger by the end of the class. A podHOT class will help to create the balance you need to perfect your postures as well as build on your body’s strength and stamina.

The amount of time in podHOT classes vary from 60 to 75 minutes sequences depending on the class schedule and anyone who has taken podBASICS will be able to join. This class is great for any level of yogi and the music will allow you to peel away those layers of stress at the end or the start of your day.

Why People Take Hot Yoga Classes

Hot yoga can do a few things for your body. Here are some of the reasons why people enjoy taking a hot yoga class at Yoga Pod Lowry:

  • Helps you become more flexible
  • Works smaller stabilizer muscles
  • Detoxes your body
  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Builds mental strength
  • Builds mental discipline and focus
  • Ability to see imbalances in the body through asymmetrical standing stretches and balancing
  • Works the front and back line of your body to create balance

Remember that even though you may have taken yoga classes in the past, it’s important that you practice hot yoga safely. Hot yoga classes are different than more traditional classes because the temperature is up and you might forget to do a few things before taking the class. To ensure that you and your body is safe, you’ll want to always stay hydrated. Make sure that you drink water 12 hours before, maintain hydration during, and slowly rehydrate after the yoga class.

You’ll also want to have a light, healthy snack to help you stay energized. We aren’t talking about a huge salad either, but perhaps some almonds or a banana to ensure that you can get through the entire class. A towel is such a benefit as well, especially the more slick and sweaty you become. To avoid any accidents, you can use a yoga towel as well to avoid perspiring on your mat.

For more information on podHOT and our other yoga classes, stay tuned for our next blog!

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