What is Yoga Pod?

What Is Yoga Pod?

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By our name, you can probably figure out that Yoga Pod is a yoga studio in Lowry. While this is true, we’re so much more than a place to work out. We are a community of yogis who strive to make our practice better and stronger. Our motto at Yoga Pod is: Breath. Strength. Sweat. We want to help you challenge yourself in any type of yoga class that we offer while being able to achieve a greater sense of your practice. By purifying your body and your mind, you’ll notice that you are able to become more in sync with your strengths both physically and mentally. If you’re wondering what exactly Yoga Pod is, then let’s dive into our blog to learn more about our studio.

About Yoga Pod

Yoga Pod Lowry just opened, but we’re proud to say that we have studios all throughout the country. At each of our studios, you can experience our core classes: podBASICS, podFLOW1,podFLOW2, podFIT, and podHOT. When you come to our studio, you’ll experience yoga classes for all levels. Whether you’re just getting back into yoga after a long break or you religiously practice, you’ll find a class for you.

In addition, Yoga Pod strives to help each of the yogis who come through our doors better their practice. We do this by giving you the opportunity to create a connection, a healthy approach, and well-being. Yoga is a type of exercise that will help you grow personally, which can move into other sects of your life. When you come to Yoga Pod, you are welcomed into a community that wants to guide you toward a greater sense of presence.

What Do We Believe In At Yoga Pod?

Yoga Pod believes in three core attributes. We believe that yoga is about managing stress, flexibility, and living a healthy lifestyle that involves physical fitness. Our mission is centered around these three values. Whether you’re an avid practitioner or you have dabbled in yoga, these three values will transcend into your practice. Yoga can help you build your physical skills while challenging you to push yourself into new poses as well as purify your body and mind. Become stronger, healthier, and more flexible when you come to Yoga Pod.

Our Yoga Class Schedule

We are proud to tell you that we’re not like other yoga studios because we offer a myriad of classes that set us apart. Yoga Pod Lowry has:

  • podHOT
  • podFLOW1
  • podFLOW2
  • podBASICS
  • podBARRE
  • podBARRE Express
  • Yin
  • Aerial Yoga
  • podFIT
  • podFIT Express

Some of these classes you may recognize, but we’re willing to bet that most of them you don’t. Aerial Yoga is one of our newer and more exclusive classes because of how unique it is. We’re happy to offer podBARRE and podBARRE Express since it combines a workout that so many people love. Yin will help to slow down your yoga experience and help you work on poses. The podHOT class will heat you up with 105 degrees and 60 percent humidity. In addition, you can get in a high-energy class with a full-body warm up that’s made to work all of your muscle groups with podFIT.

Now that you know what Yoga Pod is are you ready to practice some yoga? Visit us for a free week!

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