Yoga Pod Cross Regional Updates + Policy Changes

Yoga Pod Community,

We are excited that you are now able to sign up for classes and waitlists at the nationwide network of studios! If you have had trouble reserving classes at multiple studios in the past, this should resolve those issue.

Use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to select the hyperlinked studio (buttons at the very bottom of this page) where you would like to register for class. Internet Explorer and Edge cannot be used. Be sure your computer allows cookies.


All classes and waitlists booked at a studio location that is not your home studio (where you purchased your drop in, class package or membership) must be booked through the MindBody Online website and cannot be booked through the Yoga Pod app, Yoga Pod website nor the MindBody app (This is a limitation of MBO). To sign up for classes you will need your login and password that you use to register for classes through the Yoga Pod or MindBody app.


You may be prompted to complete any missing information in your profile as each location has its own unique back end account.


Click on the class you would like to reserve:


Agree to the waiver and all local studio policies. You are subject to all late cancel and waitlist policies that are specific to that studio in the network, so please be sure to review the location’s policies page if you have any questions.


Click make a single reservation


Review your schedule to see your booked class reflected in your schedule.


If you run into any issues, please contact the studio location where you want to attend for troubleshooting support and assistance.

Nationwide Network of Studios