What do you value?

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It’s a big question, maybe even one of the most important questions. Often, people struggle with putting their values into words. For some, in difficult times, it can seem like there is nothing of value to hold onto. For others, we know that there is much to appreciate in our life, but it’s hard to pinpoint the actual value in it all.

The answer to the question of values can move mountains. I’m being serious. Let’s imagine for a minute that this mountain represents all of the things in life you struggle with most. Take a second to really consider these struggles, and imagine what they would look like all piled up. Here we have your mountain of pain and struggle. What thoughts or feelings come up when you find yourself standing in front of it all? You might feel small or insignificant. You might feel defeated before even starting the journey. You may have memories of times you tried and failed to conquer this mountain before.

This is where values come into play. Identifying what’s most important to you can keep you in the game when the mountain seems too threatening. Values remind us why we should keep putting one foot in front of the other, despite the intimidating mountain of fear. A value is something you are deeply connected to, something that inspires and moves you. A value, a real value, can overshadow the largest and scariest of mountains.

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