Yoga Studio Tucson: Why To Gift A Yoga Studio Membership This Christmas

5 Reasons to Gift a Yoga Studio Membership This Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — right up until you have to get a gift for your yoga-loving friend or family member who already has everything. Yoga mat and bag? Check. Essential oils? Check. Water bottle, clothes, and block? Check, check, and check. What’s left? 

We’ll tell you what’s left: paid-for classes, a pre-bought membership, or a gift card to their favorite yoga studio. Sure, they’re going to pay for it every month in 2020 anyway, right? But paying for anywhere from one month to a whole year is sure to be appreciated. Keep reading to learn more, and then contact Yoga Pod Tucson today if you’re interested in buying a membership or gift card to our Tucson yoga studio. (Pssst: we offer yoga with childcare.) 

It’s Affordable

Buying an entire year of unlimited yoga classes for your loved one may not sound like the most affordable thing ever. If not, then just buy what you can! This gift is flexible (pun intended) as can be since you can buy as many months as you’d like or simply add whatever you’d like to contribute to a gift card.

It’s Experiential

More and more people are moving toward gifting experiences rather than things — and what’s not to love about that? With an experiential gift like a yoga studio membership, your loved one can think of you and appreciate your gift year-round rather than forgetting what you got them by the time New Year’s rolls around.

It’s Motivating

Whether your loved one is interested in hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga meditation, or any other yoga workout or class, Yoga Pod Tucson has what they’re looking for. And by giving them the opportunity to make yoga classes part of their daily life, you’re motivating them to go out and try new classes and improve mental and physical health.

It’s Personal

By giving the gift of a yoga studio membership, you show your loved one how much you care about them, their hobbies, and their interests. Make the gift even more personal (and more experiential!) by volunteering to go to at least one or two yoga classes with them at their yoga studio. 

It’s Useful

And, finally, it’s useful. Not only will they not forget about it by New Year’s, but it also certainly won’t be shoved in the back of a closet never to be seen again. They’re already going to pay for yoga classes throughout the year, so why not make their fitness and wellness journey easier by contributing to it? They’re sure to use this gift if they love yoga.

Visit Our Yoga Studio in Tucson Today

If you’re looking for yoga in Tucson or yoga with childcare, then you’ve found it in Yoga Pod Tucson. We have a variety of yoga classes, top-notch instructors, and competitive rates. Read 5 Aspects That Set Our Yoga Studio Apart to learn more and then visit our yoga studio to see what all the excitement is about! Join our yoga studio now or contact us today if you’re interested in gift cards and more.

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