Yoga Studio Tucson: 9 Yoga Poses To Try This Thanksgiving

9 Yoga Poses to Try This Thanksgiving

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The pumpkin pie is feeling heavy in your stomach, your uncle is still going on about politics, and you can’t even remember what you’re thankful for at this point. Getting on your mat when you’re so full may feel like the last thing you want to do — but it’ll help!

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If the pumpkin pie is still on your mind, though, then it’s time for some Thanksgiving yoga! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we’re excited; we’ve been focusing on gratitude when we’re on the mat and feel ready. If you’re not quite there, though, then these nine yoga poses can help. Keep reading to learn more, and then check out our yoga class schedule to see when you can visit us next for yoga in Tucson!

For Digestion

Great for before and after your big Thanksgiving dinner, promote digestion with these three yoga poses:

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

This pose is challenging and rejuvenating while also restorative and calm — just what you need after a big meal! This pose is known to improve digestion, so go ahead and stay in it for as long as you want.

Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Twisting poses will help ease pain in your stomach and promote digestion, and this pose will do all that while also giving your hamstrings a good stretch. By compressing and releasing your colon, you’ll stimulate movement and removal of toxins in your body.

Supine Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Relax in this soft spinal twist for as long as you need — your stomach will thank you later.

For Heart Opening

Thanksgiving should be about gratitude, so open up your heart with these three poses:

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Best for before your Thanksgiving meal rather than after, this energetic pose will open your chest as you lie on your pelvis.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Kneeling down with your heels toward the sky, reach back with your hands and hold your heels while looking upward. This intense heart-opening will have you feeling grateful in no time. 

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

For a heart-opener that’s also relaxing and restorative, lie on your back and then place a block between your shoulder blades. You’ll feel open to everything left that the day has to offer you — no yoga studio required!

For Stress Relief

If the politics and family drama is getting to be too much, take a trip to your room and turn it into your personal yoga studio with these three stress-relieving poses:  

Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana)

Stress settles in the hips, which is why pigeon pose can sometimes feel very emotional. Sink into this pose and stay in it for as long as you need — just make sure you’re even on both sides.

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

While standing in mountain pose, fold at your waist and bring your head as close to your knees as possible without overstretching. Bring your hands together and away from your body to release shoulder tension while you’re at it.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

We saved the best for last: savasana. Simply lie on your back, clear your mind, and let your body relax. You can place a block on your forehead to help calm the mind.

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Our yoga studio is here for you! Whether you’re looking for help with digestion, heart opening, or stress relief, you’ll find it at Yoga Pod Tucson. Check out our class schedule today, and we’ll see you in our yoga studio soon!

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