Yoga Studio Tucson: Make It Past "Quitter's Day" With Our Help

Let Our Yoga Studio Help You Make It Past “Quitter’s Day”

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We all know how hard it can be to stick to a new goal. You may be completely jazzed and ready to go the first week of January — only to fall off the bandwagon a week or two later. Well, according to statistics and research, 2020’s “Quitter’s Day” is Jan. 19. Here at our yoga studio, though, we believe in you! With our help, you’ll make it past this day with ease and you’ll be ready to take on your yoga goals for the rest of 2020. 

If your goal is to practice more yoga this year, then Yoga Pod Tucson can help. Keep reading to learn exactly how our yoga studio and yoga classes can help, and then check out our schedule today to see when you can visit us next. See you soon!

Attend lots of different yoga classes.

Especially if you’re new to yoga, then it’s important to try lots of different yoga classes so you can find out what you like. Vinyasa yoga, hot yoga, yin yoga, and more are all very different and offer different benefits. Another bonus of this is that you can match your mood on days when you’re not as motivated — or opt for restorative yoga on a day when you’re sore.

Make your goal challenging but attainable.

Practicing yoga seven days per week most likely isn’t realistic if you have never even taken a single yoga class. You should push yourself with your goals, but you also shouldn’t shoot for a goal so high that you set yourself up for failure.

Put a timer on your phone.

Whether you’re doing yoga meditation at home or you’re hitting up your yoga studio on your way home from work, set an alarm for about half an hour before you should be on your mat. This will help you when your schedule gets crazy, and it will also help you mentally prepare.

Track your progress.

We get endorphins when we see progress and growth, which is part of why progress motivates you to continue. Track all your yoga workouts in a journal, take pictures of yourself in certain poses, or count how long you can hold balances. These are all worthy progress markers to help you see the changes in your body.

Work out with a friend.

Finally, be sure to enlist the help of a friend, family member, or coworker! This will help you be more accountable, but it will also make every visit to the yoga studio that much more fun. On days when you don’t feel as motivated about reaching your goal, your friend can help keep you on track.

Join Our Yoga Studio in Tucson Today

Here at Yoga Pod Tucson, we’re proud to be considered your yoga studio. We offer a variety of yoga classes so you never have to feel bored or think your practice is too repetitive. Visit our yoga studio today to experience the Yoga Pod difference.

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