Yoga For Beginners Tucson: What To Expect During Your First Yoga Class

What to Expect During Your First Yoga Class

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Heading into your first yoga class, you may experience a lot of emotions. Everything from anxiety to excitement is likely to pop up. However, when you leave your first yoga class, hopefully you feel inspired, strong, and hopeful about your future. 

To help assuage some of your concerns before you head into a local yoga studio, we thought we’d fill you in on just what to expect for your first yoga class. Here at Yoga Pod Tucson, we offer yoga for beginners (and advanced yogis) that will help you begin your yoga practice in a positive, fun, and safe way. Keep reading to know just what to expect, and then visit our yoga studio or check out our yoga schedule today! 

Yoga Clothes

A large concern a lot of people face before their first yoga class is knowing what to wear. If you’re a man, a loose-fitting shirt and shorts or leggings are most likely fine. If you’re a woman, you’ll most likely want tight-fitting clothing that won’t slide around while you’re doing poses or inversions. For both men and women, tight-fitting clothing ensures that instructors can see and correct your alignment if needed. Most people will wear leggings, a tank top, and maybe a sweater or long-sleeved shirt for the beginning of class. And, sure, you’ll see a lot of lululemon clothing — but you do you. 

Tip: If you’re attending a hot yoga class, you’ll want clothing that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. Most women will wear shorts and a sports bra (the temp gets up to about 105 degrees with 60% humidity!). 

Yoga Gear

Outside of yoga clothes, many beginner yogis are concerned about yoga gear. Before attending a yoga studio for the first time, find out if they have extra mats, blocks, and straps for yogis to use. Sometimes, yoga studios will charge a small fee for these items, but not always. 

  • Yoga mat: You practice yoga on this space and it helps stabilize you during yoga poses
  • Yoga block and strap: You can modify your practice to make poses more accessible or more difficult 
  • Towel: If you sweat a lot or you’re doing hot yoga, a towel can help
  • Water: Make sure you’re hydrated during your yoga practice

7 Things to Remember:

Yoga for beginners is exciting — but it’s also so full of new things that it can feel overwhelming. Here are seven aspects to keep in mind:

Follow yoga etiquette.

You’ll want to arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand to find a spot where you’re comfortable and can get to know the yoga studio. If the class is very popular (perhaps because of the time of day or the instructor), then you may even need to arrive earlier. Leave a decent amount of space between you and the person next to you.

Start with yoga for beginners!

Your first yoga class ever is the time for gentle yoga — not hot yoga! While you’re always welcome to more advanced classes, it’s important to start out with something that sets you up for success and gives you a strong foundation, like podBASICS.

It’ll be hard, and it takes time.

Even when you start yoga for beginners classes, it can still be difficult. Certain poses may come naturally, and others may be harder. Practice makes perfect (even though there’s no such thing as perfect in yoga!), so be patient with yourself.

Everyone will be supportive.

Don’t worry about comparing yourself to whoever is on the mat next to you or wondering if everyone is judging you — they’re not! Yoga is your time on your mat, and everyone will be inviting and kind.

Your yoga instructor is there to help.

Speaking of being supportive, your instructor is there to help with yoga exercises. From offering modifications for difficult poses to adjusting you (if you wish) for proper alignment, they’re there to help. Talk to the instructor before class and introduce yourself (along with telling them of important aspects like a pregnancy or injury that could affect your practice).

Don’t forget to breathe.

In more of our blogs, we’ll get in-depth about the ujjayi breath in yoga, but suffice it to say you need to breathe! This will help you get deeper into poses and improve your practice and blood flow.

Hydration is key.

Finally, don’t forget to drink! In yoga for beginners classes and hot yoga alike, it’s important to make sure you have the hydration you need for a successful practice.

Visit Yoga Pod Tucson Today for Yoga for Beginners

What are you waiting for? We offer various types of yoga to keep you feeling excited and inspired on your mat, and you can get started today! Visit Yoga Pod Tucson or contact us with questions, and get ready to rock yoga for beginners. Our podBASICS class will help you build a strong foundation.

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