Yoga Studio Tucson: How To Create The Perfect Space For Your Home Yoga Practice

How to Create the Perfect Space For Your Home Yoga Practice

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With yoga studios across the globe going virtual with the coronavirus pandemic, the shift from flowing in the studio to practicing at home has been very different for many people. When you are in the studio, you are surrounded by powerful, like-minded yogis who help to motivate and empower your practice. You are also guided by an in-person yoga teacher who calmly (or energetically, if you are taking a PodFit class!) guides you through each pose, helping you tweak certain postures as needed. You are in a space dedicated to your practice, which has been a struggle for many to find while being at home during this trying time — especially when you have children who you need to keep your eyes on!

No matter what your current situation is like, just know our team at Yoga Pod in Tucson is here for you, and we cannot wait to see you in the yoga studio again when our doors open back up. But in the meantime, we are here today to provide you with helpful tips for creating the perfect space for your home yoga practice so you can make it feel as similar to the yoga studio as possible.

Find a Private Space

One of the top tips we can provide is to find a secluded space for your yoga practice. This helps to avoid any disturbances and allows you to get in the zone. Whether that’s a home office room, a vacant guest bedroom, or even your backyard (if you have dogs, just make sure to leave them inside if you opt to go outdoors for your flow… trust us). Just be sure that you find a space for yourself where you can truly focus and relax!

Play Some Music

As you are stretching or going through your practice, having some of your favorite music playing can really help with getting you in the zone. If you are stretching, doing a slow flow, or meditating, calming music with minimal words can help with clearing your thoughts and relaxing your body. If it is more of an upbeat practice, pump it up with some of your favorite workout jams! The beauty of a home yoga practice is that you can tailor your music choices to what you prefer and what you are trying to accomplish in your practice.

Welcome Mother Nature

A great way to turn your home office or guest room into a lush little yoga oasis is by bringing Mother Nature indoors and adding plant life into your space. This could be a couple of potted succulents, small trees, or a snake plant or two. Not only has research shown that plant life can help boost your mood and reduce stress, but they also clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. This, in turn, allows you to de-stress and breathe better during your practice. Plus, they will turn any average room into a beautiful, boho home yoga studio!

Add in Your Favorite Scents

There is nothing quite like setting the scene for a great yoga practice than with your favorite scent. This could be from putting an essential oil of choice in your diffuser or simply lighting your favorite candle. Just be sure to keep the candle out of your way during your practice to prevent knocking it over!

If you are looking for some nice scents to try out, lavender has a soothing effect and can help control stress and nervous tension. Jasmine is great as well — similar to lavender, it can help with de-stressing, but is also commonly used as an antidepressant because of its uplifting capabilities that help to produce feelings of optimism, confidence, and revitalized energy. Whatever your scent preferences are, during your yoga practice is an excellent time to get them flowing through your at-home yoga studio.

Flow Virtually With Yoga Pod Tucson

Even though we have to be separated for the time being, we can still flow together virtually! If you are looking for online yoga classes or guided meditation, our yoga teachers are here for you. Give us a call at Yoga Pod in Tucson today to gain access to our classes on your phone, computer, or connected TV to truly make your at-home practice space feel like you are right here in the yoga studio with us! We look forward to practicing with you, and cannot wait until we can be reunited in person again.

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