Yoga Studio Tucson - Check Out Our Child Care Options | Yoga Pod Tucson

Looking for yoga with childcare? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Yoga Pod Tucson, we offer childcare in our playPod! Keep reading to learn more.

playPOD Rules to Know

*A full list of our childcare policies is found in your liability and waiver agreement with Yoga Pod Tucson

We love all kiddos and welcome those who are 6 months and older.

In the playPOD, there will be plenty of entertainment, so please leave toys at home instead of bringing them to our yoga studio with childcare.

To protect all kiddos from allergies, we must insist on NO food or drinks in the playPOD. Water is fine, as is milk/formula for infants.

When your kiddos are sick, please be respectful of others and do not bring them to the playPOD.

Please be mindful that if you can hear your child, so can others. While we will do everything to comfort your precious one while you’re at our yoga studio in Tucson, you may be asked to attend to your child if they’re inconsolable.

Ensure your child uses the restroom or is changed before they come to the playPOD. If your child needs to visit the restroom or needs a diaper change, we will ask you to take care of their potty business, potentially interrupting your yoga class.

Your child may not be in the playPOD for more than three hours in a given day.

Here’s the dealbreaker: You may NOT leave our Tucson yoga studio for any reason while your child is in the playPOD.

*Be aware that you’ll need to arrive early for your child’s first visit as we will need to create a profile for them and link them to your Yoga Pod Tucson account