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Yoga Pod West Houston recently rolled out our new $30 For 30 Days promotion! Instead of a free week, new students now have access to unlimited yoga classes for an entire 30 days. That’s just one dollar per day to become a part of our welcoming, state-of-the-art yoga studio in West Houston.

If you want more information or are on the fence about whether $30 For 30 is worth it, consider the benefits you’ll get from this small investment (the equivalent of a few cups of coffee).

When you register for $30 For 30, you get:

1. Unlimited Yoga

During a typical week at Yoga Pod West Houston, we have nearly 70 yoga classes on the schedule! We flow from 5:45 a.m. to as late as 9 p.m., so you can choose classes that fit the best with your routine.

In addition to the convenient class times, the best part about our schedule involves how many diverse types of yoga we offer. At Yoga Pod West Houston, you can take podFLOW (vinyasa), podHOT (bikram), YIN (restorative), podFIT (an exercise class), and podBASICS (yoga for beginners).

There’s truly a class for everyone at a time for everyone. Check out our schedule to see just how many options you’ll have at our yoga studio!

2. An Incredible Community

If you’ve ever participated in a “free week” program, you know that it’s just not enough time to get a sense of a yoga studio. By having a 30-day trial, you actually get a chance to experience our space, meet our teachers, connect with fellow students, and attend studio events.

  • Recent studio events include:
  • Arm balance workshops
  • Inversion workshops
  • Kid’s yoga
  • Authentic-movement flows

Your 30 days is about so much more than yoga — it’s also about finding a positive, meaningful space of which you can become a part.

3. A Healthy Habit

When you have four weeks to get into a yoga rhythm, it’s much easier to develop a lasting habit. If your friends or family have been encouraging you to try yoga for years and you’ve just never gotten around to it, $30 For 30 is your chance!

Thirty days is enough time for you to sample different class types to see which ones you like, find the teachers who speak to your soul, and generally stick to a yoga routine.

Especially for beginner yoga students, 30 days is long enough to really start developing strength. You’ll see you practice grow, and you’ll be taking classes and trying poses you never would’ve dreamed about on Day One.

4. An Unparalleled Discount

Signing up for 30 days of yoga rather than taking a drop-in class here or there can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you take just two classes in 30 days, your $30 For 30 Days trial will have been worth it. If you take four classes a week, you save more than $300 that you otherwise would’ve spent on drop-ins.

We can’t wait for you to take advantage of $30 For 30 Days and for you to become a part of our yoga studio in West Houston.

Register online today or stop by Yoga Pod West Houston!

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