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At Yoga Pod West Houston, we pride ourselves on the variety of yoga class types that we offer. Every single yoga practitioner is different, so why only offer one class type when so many yoga class options exist?

Our yoga studio offers classes ranging from traditional vinyasa flows (podFLOW 1 and podFLOW 2), yoga for beginners (podBASICS), restorative yoga (YIN), and bikram yoga (podHOT). Today, we wanted to highlight podHOT, as it’s one of those classes that people absolutely love — once they try it.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Unlike our podFLOW 1 and podFLOW 2 classes, which offer a traditional vinyasa flow, podHOT is characterized as Bikram-style yoga. This means that podHOT classes follow the same sequence every single class, rather than vinyasa classes which vary every time.

Invented by Bikram Choudhury, a yoga guru, hot yoga was actually devised as a way to make yoga more attractive to Western students. Choudhury set out to develop a sequence of the most important, foundational, and beneficial postures for beginner yoga students. And thus, hot yoga was born. Traditional hot yoga classes move through 26 standard postures; some focus on balance, others strengthen the spine, and others promote mindful breathing.

Because these hot yoga postures were hand-picked for their benefits, students leave podHOT classes feeling especially incredible.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

During a podHOT class, we set our thermostat to 105 degrees and crank the humidity up to 60 percent. Heated rooms come with distinct benefits which we have outlined below.

  • Detoxification: the hot temperatures combined with twisting postures encourage your body to eliminate toxins more efficiently. You leave feeling rejuvenated and purified.
  • Relaxation: podHOT includes mindful breathing postures at the beginning and end of class. Not only does breathing help you get into the zone, but it also relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for your fight or flight response).
  • Balancing: much of the standing series in hot yoga takes place on one leg. Standing on one foot for at least a minute leads to improved bone health and muscle tone.

Dedicated hot yoga practitioners swear by this type of yoga class. It can take a few classes to get accustomed to the hot yoga sequence and temperature, but we promise it’s worth it once you do!

Preparing for PodHOT

For an optimal experience in your first podHOT class, make sure to come prepared:

  • Hydrate before, during, and after class.
  • Bring a towel for your mat so you don’t slip.
  • Take it slow and don’t be afraid to drop to your mat if you need a break.
  • Did we mention hydrate?

It’s also important to remember that not everyone falls in love with hot yoga after their first class. In fact, if you ask any hot yoga student, they’ll probably say that they hated hot yoga at first — until they recognized how great they felt after class and got into the routine of going.

Give hot yoga a chance. Try this incredibly beneficial practice today at our yoga studio in West Houston!

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