What To Expect From Hot Yoga Teacher Training

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You hear so frequently that yoga teacher training is transformative, soul-refreshing, revitalizing, profound, “insert-life-changing-adjective-here” that it might start to seem like the boy who cried wolf.

Are these just empty platitudes, or does yoga teacher training really have the power to catalyze change and growth?

The latter. Without a doubt, joining a yoga teacher training is one of the best decisions you can make for your life — no matter whether you plan on teaching a yoga class or not.

If you’re a bit skeptical about teacher training or just want more information on the process, Yoga Pod West Houston wanted to address what you can expect from a teacher training.

Our podHOT teacher training is just around the corner (beginning on August 1), so be sure to ask about this opportunity the next time you visit our yoga studio.

You Will Get Stronger

One of the most surprising things about teacher training tends to be how much yoga you actually practice. We think of teacher training as only seminar-style where we learn how to teach. However, there’s no way to develop this type of yoga knowledge without practicing yourself!

Part of your requirement will be attending different types of yoga classes with different teachers, and writing down your reflections on the experience. We’ll also practice during our sessions, where one partner will teach and the other will go through the sequence.

As such, you’re doing a lot of yoga. Just wait to see how your personal practice can take flight in Garudasana (Eagle Pose) after all this yoga.

You Will Learn A Lot More Than How To Teach

Of course, an integral part of teacher training involves how to cue effectively to promote safety and alignment in a yoga class. To do this, though, you’ll also have to learn a lot more. Topics and discussions include:

  • Yoga philosophy and history
  • Alignment and modifications
  • Anatomy
  • Yoga off the mat (Ayurveda, benefits of yoga, etc.)
  • Cuing and sequencing

This list is by no means exhaustive; indeed, you’ll find that each session includes information driven by student discussion, questions, and experience.

You Will Join a Community of Yogis

Maybe you already take classes at our yoga studio five times a week, or maybe you just moved to the West Houston area and you’re looking for a community. Regardless of your current connection to Yoga Pod West Houston, you will automatically have a support network of teachers and fellow students when you join a teacher training.

You’re around the yoga studio so frequently that faces start to become familiar, teachers get to know you, and you feel more comfortable hanging out before and after class. There’s really something special about being involved in a teacher training when it comes to building community.

podHOT Teacher Training at Yoga Pod West Houston

If you’re ready to commit to sweat, strength, and breath, stop by Yoga Pod West Houston and register today! If you’re on the fence and need a few questions answered, give us a call or ask the next time you’re visiting.

We can’t wait to see you on your mat — or even leading a class in a few months.

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