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Yoga Etiquette.

You’re probably wondering — wait, there are separate rules for yoga studios? And I’m here to tell you:

You betcha!

And each and every etiquette rule is designed to make your yoga practice as safe and fulfilling as possible.

Here are the top 7 no-nonsense etiquette rules to follow in your next yoga class:

1. Show up early.

Plan to show up to your next yoga class at least five minutes ahead of time—and if you’re a brand-new student to the yoga studio, make it 15 to give yourself enough time to sign in and meet the instructor. We completely understand if you’re running a few minutes behind because Houston traffic took a little longer than usual—we’ve all been there! However, showing up early ensures that you start practice safely, by not missing the valuable first few minutes of class where we warm up your body for all the fun asanas to come.

2. Leave the phone, tablet, laptop, iWatch, etc. outside the practice room.

Let’s be honest. Gadget beeps distract everyone. Every time I hear that little tri-tone phone beep, I reach for my own device… just to be sure it wasn’t for me. And your yoga class here at Yoga Pod West Houston is your time to connect to your body… and disconnect, even for just an hour, from everything else. That Skype call you get in the middle of class can wait for a few more minutes. Support yourself and your community of yogis here by putting the distractions away for after class!

3. Tell your instructor before class about any injuries, aches, and/or pregnancies.

This etiquette rule is purely for your safety and comfort… and helps to keep us yoga teachers from panicking! There’s nothing that freaks me out more as a yoga teacher than hearing AFTER a twisting-intensive class that one of my students is pregnant. Same thing with low back injuries, sore necks, hip pain, whatever. If you’re worried about it, tell us. We want to empower you through your yoga practice by giving you powerful modifications that work correctly for your body and don’t aggravate any pain!

4. Don’t skip savasana; but, if you have to, let the instructor know beforehand.

We get it. Sometimes you’re so busy that you don’t even have a full hour to commit to yoga. We’d much rather you come for those 50 minutes than skip out on your practice altogether. Just let your instructor know ahead of time so they’re not worried about you being sick when you step out early. And when you step out, try to be mindful of the other students in the room and pack up your things as quietly as possible.

5. Keep talking to a minimum during class.

Feel free to chat and introduce yourself to your neighbors before class has begun. However, while class is going on, be mindful of the people around you. Talking, just like phone beeps, can take people away from their breath and their practice. Catch  up with your BYF (Best Yoga Friend) after class. Of course, if the teacher busts out a kick ass yoga pun or joke during class, please laugh!

6. Know your limits and when to push past them.

If you know you have a sprained wrist (and hopefully you’ve already told your instructor about it so they can give you some empowering modifications) know the
limits of your body with your injury and please, don’t try any arm balances on your poor wrist. That said, if your teacher offers you a way to take an upgrade in class then try
it out! If it’s too difficult or doesn’t feel right in your body, you can always back off. Additionally, child’s pose is always a great option to take if you’re feeling overwhelmed in class and need to take a breather. Look to take the upgrade and know when to take a time out for your body.

7. Don’t forget to sign in!

If you’ve been to Yoga Pod West Houston recently, you’ll have noticed our fancy new iPads you can sign yourself in on. You can also sign up for classes online on our yoga schedule page!

I know, I’m guilty of it too — I like to believe everyone in the yoga studio knows my name and sometimes I tend to walk right past the sign-in station. Teachers and staff can get swamped with new students, so help us out next time and sign yourself in—if you’re unsure what to do, ask us and we can show you how!

How else do you set yourself up for a successful yoga class? Let us know in the comments below and we can’t wait to see you soon at our yoga studio in West Houston.

Your Yoga Pod West Houston Family

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