Sutler Family, owners of Yoga Pod Westminster, pose together for a family photo

Kristina and Scott moved from Hawaii to Colorado in 2015 and have been growing strong roots and a sense of community with their yoga studio, Yoga Pod Westminster. They have two girls, Emily and Karina, and the family stays very busy with many extracurricular activities and the exploration of culture and the art scene in Denver.

Kristina has been involved with yoga for over 15 years. Her experience has been both as a student and a teacher. Kristina has explored many forms of yoga and loves teaching all of them. Her interest in yoga is to work with ‘outsiders’ and bring them into the yoga community. She received her 200 hour RYT designation in November 2015 in Hawaii and loved every minute of her training journey.

In addition to her yoga passion, she is also a linguist and a lover of languages. She is bilingual and slowly learning Mandarin Chinese with Emily and Karina, who attend a Mandarin immersion school. Currently, Kristina is an owner and managing director of Kiddie Language Academy, a successful language school for children in Colorado. In her Director/owner capacity, Kristina is involved in all aspects of the business, especially sales and marketing. In addition to her business experience, Kristina has taught for over 15 years for several major Universities and has worked in the higher-education field her entire post-graduate career.

After serving over 22 years in the Marine Corps, Scott retired in 2015. From 2013 to 2015, he was the Command Sergeant Major for a unit of over a thousand Marines and Sailors, and served as the principal advisor for the unit, overseeing policies, personnel, and discipline. Retiring to spend more time with his family, Scott convinced Kristina to make one last military move from Hawaii to Colorado for their new “forever” home. Scott is also the co-owner of an adventure travel company and enjoys staying healthy through an active lifestyle. He spends his time studying business and leadership and holds an MA in International Relations, an MBA, and an MS in Management.

Because Colorado recently became our forever home, after many moves, it is our desire to put down roots and become a well-integrated part of this community. We see our yoga studio as a place to build a family-like atmosphere and create a welcoming place for all. We believe that our unique offering of on-site child care represents this commitment. Yoga Pod’s motto of “breathe first, act second” resonates with our own goals of building a space where people can take a break from reality and find their ‘zen’.