Our Yoga Classes

The classes we offer at Yoga Pod Westminster are our more traditional ones. Our schedule starts bright and early for all of those early risers and our latest classes are at 7:30 pm with tranquil Yin class. In addition, our child care hours range from 8:15 Monday thru Friday with differing end times depending on the day of the week. We also offer child care services during Saturday and Sunday, so you can get in some time with your yoga practice between taking care of your children and running errands. Now, you have no excuse not to take care of yourself at our yoga studio.



Ideal for: Beginner Yogis

If you’re new to yoga, then our yoga101 class will help you build a solid foundation for your practice. This 1.5 hour “Intro to Yoga” class is perfect for anyone new to yoga or those who want a fresh look at the basics. We teach the fundamentals of a sound yoga practice, including foundational alignment in postures and breath. This class will leave you empowered to try any of our all-levels or level 1 classes. We offer this class the first Saturday of each month and it’s free to everyone!


yoga NIDRA

Ideal for: All Yogis

Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep, conscious relaxation. Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. It is an ancient guided meditation technique that brings the mind to the space between deep sleep and wakefulness. This guided relaxation drops away the external sensory world we live in, and allows the mind to arrive in a place of healing, increased clarity, and awakened potential.



Ideal for: All Yogis

This slow-paced yoga class is perfect for some relaxation. Yin yoga is a type of yoga that can be for any type of individual. If you’re looking for a yoga class that has a sequence of stretches that focus on the connective tissue in your body such as the ligaments and the tendons, then yin is a must-try class. In addition, this class will help you target the circulation in your joints as well as increase your flexibility.




Ideal for: All Yogis

This format works with opposing energies of Yin and Yang to restore, renew, and refocus your practice using the combining class formats of podFLOW and Yin. Begin class with a high-energy flow to work into the Yang energy building strength, breath, and movement. The last half of class will tap into the Yin practice with 30 minutes of grounding and relaxation through long holding postures for 2-5 minutes to give the body time to cool down and stress connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia.) This is a non-heated format.


podFLOW 1 

Ideal for: All Yogis

Once you feel comfortable with the fundamentals of yoga, it’s time that you move up to podFLOW 1. podFLOW 1 is a great class to take if you want a physical challenge and would like to become more in-sync with the breath-to-movement sequence. This vinyasa yoga class is set to music and will challenge you no matter what level you’re on. No matter what level of yoga you might practice, you’ll still be challenged in this class due to the different sequences in the class. Each sequence in podFLOW 1 is created to help you strengthen your body, pair your movement to deep breathing, and improve flexibility. The sequences can also include themes, such as what’s going on in nature.



podFLOW 2

Ideal for: Intermediate and Advanced Yogis

After podFLOW 1, you can choose to move up to podFLOW 2. Keep in mind that this is your practice, so if you feel more comfortable in one class, you can take your time to try different ones. podFLOW 2 is a dynamic class that is set to music and will challenge you with different postures and variations. This class will build on what you learned in podFLOW 1. The sequences in this class are versatile and inspired by the teacher bringing varying creative elements to the yoga mat. Our podFLOW 2s are both heated and unheated. The heated classes are set to 95 degrees with 40 percent humidity so bring a water bottle and towel and be ready to sweat.


podFLOW 3

Ideal for: Advanced Yogis

If you’re aiming to take your practice to another level our podFLOW 3 is just for you. This class builds on the same fundamentals as podFLOW 2, but the sequences in this class are designed to build to a difficult peak poses while giving you a great vinyasa workout along the way. Like podFLOW 2 the teacher will bring varying creative elements to the classroom. In podFLOW 3, there is no added heat as this class is sure to make you sweat on its own.




Ideal for: All Yogis

This hot yoga class is in 105 degree heat at 60 percent humidity. You’ll want to bring a towel and a water bottle to make you a little more comfortable during this yoga class. podHOT is a sequence class that will build your strength as well as detoxify your body. The sequences that are implemented in the class are centered around flexibility and balance. This class can be taken by anyone, but please remember to stay hydrated.




Ideal for: All fitness levels

This class combines the strength of our podFLOW and podFIT formats to balance out your practice with high energy and high intensity. This class utilizes Vinyasa movement, resistance training with free weights, body resistance, and cardio exercises to accelerate change in the body, build strength, and increase core stability all to the beat of fun music. The class begins with yoga flow warm up and ends with gentle yoga surrender series. This is a non-heated format.




Ideal for: All fitness levels

In addition to our classes that are focused on vinyasa flow, we also offer a cardio and weights class that will help you build on your major muscle areas as well as engage your core. By focusing on those major muscle groups and your core, you’ll notice that your balance and your postures are much stronger. In podFIT, you will do cardio exercises, resistance training, and bodyweight exercises to focus on building muscle strength. If you want to burn calories and perfect your practice with something a little different, then try podFIT.



If there’s anything you take away from these class descriptions, let it be that we LOVE beginners and provide a platform for all students, from first time to advanced!

We invite anyone and everyone to come by the studio to experience Yoga Pod. That’s the best way to see what we’re all about.