How Trees Help Us Breathe

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By Taylor Borman

“Inhale. Exhale.” We hear these words in every yoga class. Connection to breath is an extraordinary thing. As we know, the breath controls our body, mind, and emotions. But where does this source of the breath come from?

The anatomy of a tree is wondrous and empowering with super hero qualities. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and, in turn, give off oxygen which helps us breathe. According to the environmental conservation organization, Tree People, in one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people!

On top of providing oxygen, trees offer plenty of other benefits from providing food, medicine and raw materials to shade, windbreaks and flood control.

At Yoga Pod, we are extremely passionate about giving back to our provider, mother nature. That is why we decided to plant one tree for every new Yoga Pod member. Breathe first with Yoga Pod, and we promise to help the earth breathe easier too.

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