Mindful Memorial Day Moments

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With Memorial Day weekend upon us, so is the season of BBQs, vacations, lazy days, beach hair, festivals, baseball, concerts, fireworks, celebrations for Moms, Dads, and Grads.

Within all of the moments of carefree celebration of the weekend ahead, we have the responsibility to pause. To remember. To bow our heads. To salute. To know that our freedom has come at a great price.

Create a mindful moment within your weekend to honor the heroes that put their lives on the line for ours, for our children and for our future. While that future may feel uncertain in these crazy times the mindful moment of pause is a prudent one. Fill the pause with gratitude for those souls who have risked and given everything for us. See the flag that waves gracefully in the warm breeze and whisper two simple words: Thank You. It is that little and that much all at one time.

As yogis we understand it isn’t about the breadth of the mindful moment, the potency exists in the pause when it comes from the heart and soul. Just one moment, just two words. And when you do see a brave soul in uniform, shake their hand and say those two simple, potent words aloud: Thank You.

Share with us your mindful moments of pause. Let’s fill this space with gratitude for all who have, and do, serve this country without condition and with great love.

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