Your First Class

Pro Tip

Pre Class

  • We promote a judgement free space. We know it can be intimidating, yet know, we support you all the way!
  • Come in early or call before class to ask any questions.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class starts to tour the space and settle in
  • Bring a water bottle (fountain for refills available)
  • Rental mats and towels available
  • Wear athletic tees or tanks and shorts or pants
  • Showers available
  • You can pre-book by signing up online or downloading our app.

Pro Tip

Your Mat & Towel

  • Mat rentals are $2, but your 1st is on the house.  Ride your bike and get a free mat every practice.
  • Towel rentals are $2 for rent. Towels are required for hot classes, bring your own or let us supply you one.
  • Our rental mats are high end Manduka eco-light mats. We also sell these mats and other high end mats from Lululemon and TVLA

Pro Tip

for class

  • Check in at the front desk
  • We have full service studio and locker rooms with complimentary props and amenities
  • Place your shoes on the shoe shelf
  • Complete your new student waiver
  • Meet your teacher and notify them of any injuries
  • Please leave your cell phone in the locker rooms
  • Plan to stay the entire class
  • Listen to your body and rest when needed

Pro Tip

After Class

  • Pre-book your next sessions so we get to see you on your mat again soon!

Our Values

Breathe First.
Cultivate Discipline.
Create Community.
Honor Nature.
Do the Right Thing.