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Heated Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Fitness. With options for beginner yogis to advanced practitioners, our classes are designed to improve your skill sets and challenge you along the way. We want our students to achieve a greater sense of presence or the “flow state”. Through our Philosophy and Science our students will reduce stress, build strength, and increase flexibility.

Through breath, strength, and sweat, you will achieve the yoga experience you have been searching for. We offer podBASICS to build intentional foundation, podFLOW All Levels to progress on your vinyasa path, and podFLOW 2 to increase challenge. Our podHOT class is guaranteed to deliver a detoxifying sweat and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. podFIT, taught to the beat and focused on strength, cardiovascular health and endurance training will set you up for success in your continued practice. Yin yoga is a lovely way to unwind your mind and melt away the stress from your days. We are passionate about growing the yoga community in Austin, and we can’t wait to welcome you to your mat!

Our Philosophy & Science

At Yoga Pod, we commit to help you build your physical skills, challenge your limits, and achieve a greater sense of presence. We root our philosophy in our mission, vision, values, and intention. We offer a physically challenging, yet sustainable, practice and utilize the science of flow states to achieve heightened levels of focus and attention.

All Yoga Pod classes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and will guide you to a greater state of health, well-being, and connection. Each class will help you increase your body awareness, flexibility, and strength, while you also decrease stress and provide a platform for personal growth.

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A Saturday morning podFLOW 2 is one of our newest additions to the schedule 💫 This unheated class will challenge you, and leave you feeling stronger and more centered 🙏 Take class in-studio with us, or join us virtually! ...

Balance is really just science. Physics works either in our favor or against us, but we have more power over the forces of nature than we may think. Together we will dive deeper into understanding how to help our bodies and minds work together to find balance. When we are able to find balance in our physical bodies, it often carries over into the figurative aspects of life balance.

Spend time workshopping balance in your own body. We will play with standing postures and discuss the details of how to engage/ soften muscles to create a balanced body.

All levels welcome to explore various advancements and orientations of postures along the way.

Register in-studio at the front desk, or by emailing

We love seeing all of you that have made your way back to taking in-studio classes 🥰 and, we can’t wait to see more of you when the time is right ❤️

With Austin currently sitting at Stage 5, and many of us choosing to stay home, we’d like to take a moment to shine a light on our virtual classes 🔦

Did you know…….❓
💻 We have 19 virtual classes offered on our weekly schedule
🕉 We have over 1500 recorded classes in our virtual library
🏆 Our members can email us requesting unlimited recordings of their favorite classes and teachers!

❣️If you choose to join us in-studio for classes, please do so only if you are well. Spread LOVE, not germs 🦠

Thank you all for continuing to ride this ride with us 🎢

The first podHOT MASTER CLASS with @yogiterrietory is scheduled for Sunday, January 16th 🔥

If you’re interested in leveling up your existing HOT practice, this 90-minute class is what you’ve been waiting for! Our HOT Master Class is designed for the experienced HOT student, with good a knowledge of the sequence as practiced in our HOT classes. You will be led into advanced variations of postures, binds, and inversions during the master class that you can carry into your future HOT practices.


You will not be able to sign up for the Master Class through your booking apps.

$10 for members
$24 for nonmembers

January is Bring A Friend For ✨FREE✨ Month!

Each time that you come to take a class with us during January, we encourage you to invite a friend that hasn’t been to Yoga Pod before to practice with you…. FOR FREE!

If they decide to sign up with us, you get a $5 credit added to your account! You can use the credit for drinks, workshops, or towards any other retail or rental.

⚠️ As we continue to limit class sizes, please preregister both yourself, and your guest for the class you’ll be attending.

Treat yourself to 6 months of unlimited classes with us ☮️ Show up BIG for yourself in the first half of 2022- maybe the second half, too 😉. Invest in your health, your mental wellness, and your happiness. The hardest part is showing up… then the real magic starts to happen 🌟 ...

🌟 New Year’s Day podFLOW All Levels & SOUND with Becca. Class goes from 1:30-2:45. In-studio & virtual options 🌟

Set a clear intention for 2022, liberate stuck energy with vinyasa-flow yoga, and allow the sounds of the gong to help you relax during savasana this Saturday!

Get clear about your intention for 2022

Break a sweat as you practice yoga to the best playlist ever

Move stuck energy that expresses as bodily pain, low energy levels, poor sleep, psycho-emotional imbalances, distrust of own intuition / others,
and / or spiritual apathy

Relax during an extended savasana that features the soothing sounds of the gong as you settle into Divine alignment with your intention for 2022 💫



Welcome to our community at Yoga Pod Austin. We invite yogis of all levels to join us in our 65+ classes offered each week. In our three-room studio, we offer numerous types of yoga, fitness, barre, and meditation classes for ALL levels. Additionally, we have an inviting lounge area, retail and accessory shop, luxurious showers and locker rooms, and a state of the art infrared heating system for our hot yoga classes. Learn more about each of the yoga class sessions we offer here. We can’t wait to see you on the mat!


Join our community with an initial 4 week membership for only $40*.

* 4 weeks are consecutive and begin upon your first class

Class Styles

Our schedule of classes includes a little something for everyone. From never stepping on a yoga mat to being an instructor-in-training, to loving the powerful flow and feeling the fitness burn, Yoga Pod Austin has a class to suit your needs. Most of our yoga sessions are one hour, but we have some filtered into our schedule that give students some additional time on the mat or in an express format when demanded.

Beginners can start in podBASICS (less challenging), podFLOW All Levels, or podFIT and podHOT.


Ideal for: Beginner Yogis

Build the foundation for your yoga practice from the ground up. This is a great yoga class for beginners who wish to learn proper technique, movement, and discipline.

podFLOW All Levels and 2

Ideal for: All Yogis (All Levels) and Intermediate and Advanced Yogis (Level 2)

After establishing proper technique and basics, podFLOW allows yogis to discover how to connect each breath to their movement while moving through a natural, increasingly challenging and beneficial progression. Set to music, podFLOW classes are essential for any regularly practicing yogi. Offered seven days a week with podFLOW All Levels, podFLOW 2 (more advanced), and podFLOW 2 Heated.


Ideal for: All Yogis

podHOT utilizes a set sequence of postures practiced in a room set to 104 degrees and 60% humidity. The class is designed to build strength, create balance and flexibility in the body, and produce a detoxifying sweat. Class includes breathing exercises, a standing series, and a floor series. Hot yoga is set to music and is suitable for all levels. Come well hydrated and bring a towel and water.


Ideal for: All Yogis

Sometimes, stress is good. Take our Yin yoga classes, for example. This class puts students through a variety of poses which place moderate stress on the tendons, ligaments, and other areas for 2-5 minutes to improve joint mobility and flexibility. Offered Mon-Thurs and Sunday evenings.


Ideal for: All Yogis

podFIT is your full body fitness practice. Get ready for an active, full body warm-up designed to engage your entire body. Expect resistance training, body weight movements, and cardio exercises to accelerate change, build strength, and increase core stability. The class finishes with gentle stretching and a light cool down. This fun and vibrant class is taught to the beat of high-energy music designed to provide balance to your yoga practice. Express classes are 45 minutes.


Ideal for: All Yogis

If you want an intense workout, podBARRE is the yoga class type for you. During podBARRE classes, we focus on sculpting, lengthening, and creating lean muscle groups, especially focusing on the core, arms, and thighs. Try out this high-energy and powerful workout today to build strength for your yoga practice.


Ideal for: All Yogis

Clear the mind. Restore the body. Using the floor and props, this relaxing class goes through rejuvenating poses which allow you to feel at peace. Offered on Fridays.


Ideal for: All Yogis

We’ll concentrate on breathing exercises, foundation postures, and utilize props, blocks, bolsters, and straps to increase flexibility! Perfect for yogis with previous injuries, prenatal/postnatal and beginners.


Studio Owner


Monday 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Friday 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM